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Fundraising Strategies
for MedTech Startups

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Pitch Optimization & Investor Introductions

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Lifeblood Capital supports Seed to Growth-stage MedTech startups who are raising capital with fundraising strategies. 

We specialize in optimizing pitch materials, investor outreach messaging, investor identification methods, and leveraging our network to provide warm introductions. We help entrepreneurs properly prepare to pitch to appropriate investors.

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How We
Do It

  • 01 Initiation
  • 02 Creation
  • 03 Introduction
  • 04 Calibration

Introductory Call

Initial calls with entrepreneurs who are raising capital are about understanding if there is a need to partner on developing a fundraising strategy with Lifeblood Capital (LBC), or if the current strategy is sufficient and LBC can share investor contacts



 Establish Partnership

If it is determined that the entrepreneur would like to work with LBC on developing investor materials, optimizing the investor pitch, and leverage LBC’s investor network for warm introductions then the entrepreneur establishes a partnership agreement with LBC.

Investor Material Creation

LBC reviews the entrepreneur’s initial investor materials and an audit of storytelling assets is taken. Then time is spent optimizing and / or creating a longform slide deck and a shortform executive summary with the goal of establishing an “investable story” with the necessary storytelling assets that is digestible and relevant for investors’ review.



Pitch Practice

LBC has entrepreneurs pitch their company’s story with the optimized slide deck and storytelling assets for the purpose of critiquing, augmenting, and practicing investor presentations.



Investor Outreach Strategy

Investor outreach messaging is assembled and entrepreneurs and LBC review potential investors with the goal of creating filters for understanding “target investor profiles.”

Warm Introduction

Once the investor materials are finalized, the pitch is engaging, and an initial group of investors is identified, LBC leverages our investor relationships in order for entrepreneurs to directly reach out to the initial group of investors as an LBC referral to facilitate a “warm introduction.”

Investor Feedback

After the initial group of investors has been contacted, investor feedback is received. Entrepreneurs progress to pitching for interested investors or learn why an investor is passing. This feedback is critical to calibrating the investor outreach strategy for additional investors to be contacted.



Investment and/or Education

Raising capital is not guaranteed. Learning how to create an investable investor story, connecting with investors, and receiving feedback on an entrepreneur’s investment opportunity is guaranteed.

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Feedback from MedTech entrepreneurs, investors, and partners.


RICHARD NASH CEO | Precise Light Surgical

“While raising our next financing round, we partnered with Lifeblood Capital (LBC) to review the strategy, investor outreach materials, and get warm introductions to appropriate industry-focused investors. The process was collaborative, educational, and led to us having a polished outbound strategy and connecting with numerous investors. I would recommend LBC to startups and entrepreneurs who are looking for a sounding board on capital raising strategies that lead to connecting with investors.”

CATELLO SOMMA Associate | TVM Capital

“We regularly receive global MedTech startups for review and due diligence from Lifeblood Capital (LBC). LBC is highly connected in the MedTech startup ecosystem and after taking the time to understand our investment thesis, LBC has proven to send us targeted deal flow: one of those companies is now part of our portfolio. I would recommend MedTech investors who are interested in having a deal flow asset in the industry to connect with LBC.”

CARL M. STAMP Investor | Gopher Angels

“I have been connected with Lifeblood Capital (LBC) and Giovanni for several years and have enjoyed conducting podcasts for sharing information on how angel groups function and assess investments in MedTech Startups, as well as consistently receiving deal flow for review and due diligence. Gopher Angels has invested in several of the startups that LBC has referred to us, and I would recommend MedTech investors who are looking for quality opportunities to connect with LBC.”

ARI SILVERMAN Partner | Mavie Technologies

“We have received deal flow for years from Giovanni Lauricella’s impressive network of Western MedTechs who are seeking to raise capital and collaborate with a Chinese partner. He has demonstrated the highest levels of professionalism and has worked to add value in his capacity to help startups explore collaborations with us for partnership, growth, and capital in China.  We recommend Giovanni and LBC to MedTechs who are in need of expanding their network to access vital resources.”