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Talent Acquisition
for MedTech Startups

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All functions.
All levels.

We recruit every level and function of position within a MedTech startup: R&D through commercialization, C-level to entry-level, and independent board members.

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How We Do It

Lifeblood Capital manages the talent acquisition process from end-to-end.

  • 01 Initiation
  • 02 Qualification
  • 03 Negotiation
  • 04 Acquisition

Introductory Call

We host a kick-off call with hiring managers to get the full story of the company, technology, and position purpose to best represent our startups to candidates



 Messaging & Branding

We create custom and media-rich position descriptions and a tailored messaging strategy to carry an engaging startup story to candidates



 Outbound Recruitment

We leverage our messaging, industry knowledge, network, and search tools to deploy awareness of a position to targeted candidates

 Candidate Calibration

We present a range of interested candidates to hiring managers to fine tune the position profile and requirements based on real world candidates



 Candidate Qualification

Representing our startups and the fully calibrated position profile, we conduct V&V of candidates’ appropriateness for presenting to hiring managers



 Candidate Presentation

Via email, we present to hiring managers fully qualified candidates with their resumes and copious notes supporting the candidates’ credibility



 Candidate Interviews

We manage end-to-end logistics of scheduling interviews between candidates and the interview teams

 Identify Final Candidate

Through the thorough process of calibration, qualification, and interviews, we support hiring managers to make an educated decision on “the” candidate to hire



 Offer Stage

We conduct references and a full “compensation breakdown” to provide clarity and streamline negotiations for hiring managers to extend an acceptable offer



 Candidate Resignation

We stay close with and prepare candidates that have accepted offers to endure and professionally handle the resignation process from their current employer

 Candidate Start Date

We work with both hiring managers and newly hired candidates to establish the start date of their employment



 Candidate Follow-Up

After the new employee starts employment, we regularly check-in with both the employee and hiring managers

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Recruiting talent. Building teams. Enabling growth... for MedTech startups.

CHARLIE HULNER President & CEO | Modulim

“The Board of Directors and I partnered with Lifeblood Capital (LBC) to onboard an Independent Board Member. LBC recruited a varied slate of highly qualified candidates that enabled our Board to make an educated decision on the ‘right’ individual that since joining our board has already made a strong impact for our company. LBC’s talent acquisition process was efficient, communicative, and educational. I would recommend LBC to MedTech startups looking to grow their Board or team.”

TRACY MACNEAL President & CEO | Materna Medical

“Shortly after joining Materna Medical as CEO I began working with the Lifeblood Capital management team on scaling our organization. Years later, we continue to partner together on growing the Materna Medical team. LBC is who we go to when we need market insights, organizational design, and executing on our talent acquisition needs. I strongly recommend LBC to MedTech startups that are growing, and more importantly that want to learn how to grow efficiently.”


“As a European company, we partnered with Lifeblood Capital (LBC) to hire our first U.S. employee, and LBC continues to be an asset for our global team expansion. I would recommend LBC to MedTech startups that need industry-focused talent acquisition support, especially for the complex and difficult positions to onboard.”

CRAIG D. MARKOVITZ Dir. Scientific Comm. | Inari Medical

“I and additional Inari Medical leadership have worked with the Lifeblood Capital (LBC) management team for years. LBC’s efficiency, speed, and communication makes the difference in talent acquisition processes and is the reason we have maintained our partnership. LBC has been instrumental in hiring critical roles for our organization during a time of rapid growth. I would strongly recommend LBC to MedTech companies who are in need of an external talent acquisition partner that they can count on for building a world-class team.”