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Talent Acquisition & Fundraising Strategies for MedTech Startups



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Lifeblood Capital is grateful for the support from our network of startups, investors, and individuals that we have the opportunity to serve. Below is a sampling of feedback from our on-going partnerships…

CHARLIE HULNER President & CEO | Modulim

“The Board of Directors and I partnered with Lifeblood Capital (LBC) to onboard an Independent Board Member. LBC recruited a varied slate of highly qualified candidates that enabled our Board to make an educated decision on the ‘right’ individual that since joining our board has already made a strong impact for our company. LBC’s talent acquisition process was efficient, communicative, and educational. I would recommend LBC to MedTech startups looking to grow their Board or team.”


“As a European company, we partnered with Lifeblood Capital (LBC) to hire our first U.S. employee, and LBC continues to be an asset for our global team expansion. I would recommend LBC to MedTech startups that need industry-focused talent acquisition support, especially for the complex and difficult positions to onboard.”

PAUL HAKAMAKI VP of Quality | Anteris Technologies

“I enjoyed working with the Lifeblood Capital team during the recruiting process with Anteris Technologies. They treated me with the utmost respect and diligently kept me informed of status and next steps in the process. At the end of the process they partnered closely with me to negotiate a job offer that was truly a win-win for myself and Anteris Technologies. The Lifeblood Capital team is a solid 10!”

CRAIG D. MARKOVITZ Dir. Scientific Comm. | Inari Medical

“I and additional Inari Medical leadership have worked with the Lifeblood Capital (LBC) management team for years. LBC’s efficiency, speed, and communication makes the difference in talent acquisition processes and is the reason we have maintained our partnership. LBC has been instrumental in hiring critical roles for our organization during a time of rapid growth. I would strongly recommend LBC to MedTech companies who are in need of an external talent acquisition partner that they can count on for building a world-class team.”

RICHARD NASH CEO | Preciselight Surgical

“While raising our next financing round, we partnered with Lifeblood Capital (LBC) to review the strategy, investor outreach materials, and get warm introductions to appropriate industry-focused investors. The process was collaborative, educational, and led to us having a polished outbound strategy and connecting with numerous investors. I would recommend LBC to startups and entrepreneurs who are looking for a sounding board on capital raising strategies that lead to connecting with investors.”


“WIth Giovanni & LifeBlood Capital's help, we were able to really strengthen our investment materials, from the executive summary to the pitch deck to the email that we used to contact prospective investors. In addition, LifeBlood Capital was incredibly helpful in connecting us to at least 30 different investment funds for initial conversations about our work at Aurie.”

OLIVIER LITZKA, PH.D Partner | Andera Partners

“Apart from sending interesting MedTech startup investment opportunities to us at Andera Partners, Giovanni and his firm, Lifeblood Capital (LBC), have a tremendous amount of accumulated experience in the MedTech sector. They know and are connected to so many great people. LBC is a wonderful source of suitable introductions for MedTech venture capitalists. And more so: Giovanni is a fun guy to work with.”

ANNE OSDOIT Partner | Sofinnova Partners; CEO | Moon Surgical

"I have networked and collaborated with Lifeblood Capital (LBC) and Giovanni from podcasts to educate the MedTech ecosystem on capital and entrepreneurship to LBC sending startup deal flow to us for our review and diligence. The network and MedTech community reach of LBC is worth it for any MedTech investor to be connected with."

DAVID SYLVAN President | UH Ventures

“Quality deal flow that is relevant to our investment thesis and organizational mission is critical, and LifeBlood Capital (LBC) has taken the time to understand our strategic imperatives at University Hospitals Ventures. The opportunities and introductions that LBC facilitates consistently align with our needs.”

CARL M. STAMP Member | Gopher Angels, Healthcare Team

"I have been connected with Lifeblood Capital (LBC) and Giovanni for several years and have enjoyed conducting podcasts for sharing information on how angel groups function and assess investments in MedTech Startups, as well as consistently receiving deal flow for review and due diligence. Gopher Angels has invested in several of the startups that LBC has referred to us, and I would recommend MedTech investors who are looking for quality opportunities, connect with LBC."

GAUTAM KAINTH Managing Director | The Capital Partnership

"Over the past few years, Giovanni has been able to establish a nice community and network of experts in the MedTech space. We have benefitted immensely from quality deal flow and network introduced by Giovanni and Lifeblood Capital."

TRACY MACNEAL President & CEO | Materna Medical

“Shortly after joining Materna Medical as CEO I began working with the Lifeblood Capital management team on scaling our organization. Years later, we continue to partner together on growing the Materna Medical team. LBC is who we go to when we need market insights, organizational design, and executing on our talent acquisition needs. I strongly recommend LBC to MedTech startups that are growing, and more importantly that want to learn how to grow efficiently.”

ZACK BLUEMER U.S. Commerical Lead | easee

“Easee partnered with Lifeblood Capital (LBC) for guidance and assistance with national expansion and regulatory processes. The LBC value proposition worked well as they understood the client's communication style, deadlines and human capital needs. They provided advice, timely feedback, succinct messaging and clarity of purpose/vision with a focus on client success. I would recommend LBC to members of the MedTech community without hesitation.”

JENNIFER MCMAHAN, BSC, MSC Partner | Seroba Life Sciences

"I network with Giovanni and Lifeblood Capital (LBC) on reviewing MedTech startups and potential investors to syndicate with. The consistent deal flow that LBC sends to Seroba Life Sciences from Europe and North America as well as the industry focused network that LBC has proven to have is appreciated. I would recommend MedTech investors who are interested in receiving appropriate deal flow to stay connected with LBC."

CATELLO SOMMA Associate | TVM Capital

“We regularly receive global MedTech startups for review and due diligence from Lifeblood Capital (LBC). LBC is highly connected in the MedTech startup ecosystem and after taking the time to understand our investment thesis, LBC has proven to send us targeted deal flow: one of those companies is now part of our portfolio. I would recommend MedTech investors who are interested in having a deal flow asset in the industry to connect with LBC.”

ARI SILVERMAN Partner | Mavie Technologies

“We have received deal flow for years from Giovanni Lauricella's impressive network of Western MedTechs who are seeking to raise capital and collaborate with a Chinese partner. He has demonstrated the highest levels of professionalism and has worked to add value in his capacity to help startups explore collaborations with us for partnership, growth, and capital in China. We recommend Giovanni and LBC to MedTechs who are in need of expanding their network to access vital resources.”

LOUIS CANNON, MD Founder & Sr. Managing Dir. | Biostar Capital

“Biostar Capital has consistently received interesting MedTech startups to review and due diligence as potential investment opportunities from Lifeblood Capital (LBC). We have not made an investment from this deal flow yet. However, the startups that LBC sends to us are unique and worth reviewing. I would recommend MedTech investors looking for interesting startups to stay connected with LBC.”

BILLY LAI, CFA Principal | iGan Partners

“I was connected to Giovanni and Lifeblood Capital (LBC) through another Canadian venture capitalist, Anish Kaushal. Since being introduced, LBC has consistently shared MedTech startup deal flow with our firm, of which we regularly conduct intake calls and due diligence. Additionally, LBC promotes the global MedTech ecosystem with not only facilitating connections, but also through the ‘MedTech Money’ podcast, of which iGan Partners partook in sharing our story and investment thesis. I would recommend MedTech venture firms looking for quality deal flow to stay connected with LBC.”

SETH SWANLUND Sr. Clinical Data Manager | Inari Medical

“I had an excellent experience working with Lifeblood Capital. They are knowledgeable about the industry, role, and company, and most importantly, they are not pushy. I felt Lifeblood Capital had the best interests of myself and the company in mind throughout the process. I would gladly work with them again.”

PHUONG D. Associate Dir., Scientific Comm. | Inari Medical

“Joseph recruited me for my current role as Associate Director of Scientific Communications at Inari Medical. Joseph was an absolute professional and great to work with. He was extremely helpful not only throughout the interview process but also during offer negotiations and acceptance. He was communicative, efficient, and always available to answer my questions. I appreciated his professionalism, guidance, and constant check-ins. I highly recommend Joseph and Lifeblood Capital to those looking for a smooth hiring/interview process.”